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Health Benefit Services

Proactive Healthcare Claims Management is exclusively designed for the needs of today’s Employer. Our Healthcare Benefit Assistance Program is an employer-paid benefit to complement and support your human resource departments. Just a phone call away, experienced health benefits advocates are ready to provide confidential support, as your employees navigate the complex healthcare landscape.

Employee services:

  • Advocate on behalf of the employees in dealings with health plans and provider’s offices
  • Coordinate and interface with employees to educate them regarding their benefit plan choices and the appropriate ways of accessing those benefits
  • Mediate unresolved claims with multiple parties, including health plans, hospitals, medical groups, provider’s offices, and collection agencies to resolve billing disputes
  • Audit large hospital claims for accuracy and overcharges
  • Handle appeals from the fist level of insurance to the proper state or federal entity
  • Retiree benefit assistance
  • HBA will review employer’s health benefit policy for expertise in policy term

Employer Services & Benefits:

  • Provide an Advocate to bridge HR and the employee
  • Handle delicate medical issues to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Relieve HR staff of time consuming claims follow up (or) calls to insurance companies
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Advise employer of overall performance of insurance plan

Confidentiality Statement

Health Benefit Advocate understands that employees have delicate health care issues that they may not want shared in the work environment. Our Advocates will work on behalf of the employee while maintaining the privacy of the employee. Medical issues and their financial impact are secure. The Employer will be relieved of dealing with confidential Employee medical concerns. HBA will only use or disclose Protected Health Information as permitted or required by law. We will only collect the minimum amount of necessary information to effectively advocate on the employee’s behalf.


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