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Health Benefit Advocate Programs

Health Benefit Advocate takes great pride in tailoring programs that fit the employer’s needs, while providing an invaluable resource to employees. The Health Benefit Advocate partners are pioneers in developing innovative, creative ways to provide advocacy assistance while maintaining the confidentiality of the benefit recipient. The programs outlined are simple models. Health Benefit Advocate will work with your company to refine and develop the most effective program for your company and budget.

Self-Funded Employers specifically benefit from our Hospital Bill Audit Program. Employer savings can be realized by coding and billing reviews. Medical Coding Specialists review claims for accuracy and Registered Nurses review claims for appropriateness for that episode of care.

Employees are the greatest assets to any company. Keeping the best and brightest employees, while attracting additional talents, is part of the appeal of any benefit package. Only a few additional dollars will buy your company a more productive and balanced workforce. Your employees will be pleased to have their frustrating medical claim problems solved without wasting precious work day hours.


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